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Fender ProReverb

2X12" eminence speakers - 70 watt, pull boost on master volume. Very much like a half-power Twin.


1X12" - 80 (?) watt combo, Bass, Treble, Volume(pull distortion on red knob), reverb controls. 3-position Bright/Dark switch.

Trace Elliot Velocette

"British racing green" tolex, One input, bright switch, volume, and tone controls. 15w, class A, 2x-12AX7, 2x-EL84, solid state rectifier, and Celestion Vintage 10 speaker.

Kendrick Model 118

This is more or less an exact copy of the 1959-60 Fender tweed Champ.

Fender Champ

1966 Fender Champ-Amp AA764. 6 watts from 1x-12AX7 preamp, 1x-5Y3GT rectifier, and 1x-6V6GT output tube.

Thanks to Mr.Greg !

MusicMan 110RD Fifty

2 channels - clean, limiter(drive). bright switch, 1X10" eminence speaker. 50 watts from solid state preamp (1x-12AX7 for the limiter channel), and 2x-6L6GC output tube. solid state reverb.

Thanks to Moondog Amplifier Garage !

Marshall JCM800 SuperBass (Model 1992)

Bass Series 100W head , modified for guitar. 3x-ECC83 preamp,and 4x-EL34 output tubes.

Thanks to Nakano Onkyo !!!

Groove Tubes Soul-o 45

1x12" Celestion Classic Clone, 3x-12AX7, 1x-12AT7, 1x-12AU7, and 2x-5881 output tubes.

Fender Champ

Silver forward facing w/ blue labels AA764. Orange and silver grille cloth.

Thanks Yamachan !

Fender Concert "II"

Fender Rivera 60 watt all tube & hand wired combo amp. Has two 10inch speakers loaded in this model. 6L6 tubes for power section , 12AX7/12AT7 pre tubes.

Fender Super Champ

Fender Rivera 18 watt all tube & hand wired combo. One 10inch speaker. 6V6 tubes for power section , 12AX7/12AT7 & 6C10 pre tubes.

Thanks Yamachan & Mr.Imadegawa !

Diaz P-XX (P-20)

1x10" Celestion G10L-35, 2x-12AT7, 1x-12AX7, 1x-12AY7, and 2x-6V6 output tubes. replaced grill cloth & lower back panel. Cesar Diaz is well-known as a technician of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Guitar World magazine dubbed him "The Amp Doctor" for his work in tube amplifier repair and modification.

Thaaanks Yamachan & Muraisan !!!

CeriaTone Overtone Special

This is a exact replica of the Dumble Overdrive Special #124. If you are looking for Dumble tone without the enormous price tag, get this amp!

Thaaanks Nik !!!

Fender Deluxe

1965 Fender Deluxe-Amp AB763. 2x-7025, 1x-12AX7, 1x-12AT7, 1x-GZ34 rectifier, and 2x-6V6GT output tube.

Thanks Greg !!

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