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This Home Page is presented by STOVES (Bar and Grill) in Yokohama, Japan.
Included in this Home Page is Ticket information for ThumbsUp and basic live and event information for each of the bars owned by Buddy Company!
We also have standard information concerning Millions Deli, Buddy, GrassRoots, and LaidBack.

If you enjoy Live Music, American Styles, Bars, or just going out for a good time, WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU !!

横浜のRESTAURANT &BAR STOVE'S からお送りするホームページ。ThumbsUpのチケット情報や各店のライブやイベント情報満載。MILLIONS DELI, BUDDY, GRASSROOTS,LAIDBACKもこちら。BARや音楽、ライブにUSAと遊び好きのみんなの来店をお待ちしています。
TOTAL INFORMATION: info@stovesyokohama.com Buddy / Stoves / Thumbs Up Booking Office
We Bring HAPPINESS! HAPPINESS Brings JOY! JOY Brings PEACE! May There Be Peace On Earth!!


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